Plant Genetics and Genomics

Plant Genetics and Genomics focus on genes and genomes, their function, organization and evolution; from molecular genetic characterization to population genetics and phylogenomics. Appropriate areas include: the organization and evolution of genes and genomes, including comparative genomics; the nature of mutations and the mutation process, including mobile genetic elements; molecular evolution, phylogenomics, and evolutionary genetics; mechanisms of genetic phenomena such as epistasis, dominance relationships, and heterosis; genotype-phenotype relationships and association genetics; mechanisms of gene regulation from transcriptional through post-translational; epigenetics and epigenomics; chromatin organization, establishment, maintenance, and modification; chromosome organization, localization, behavior, and dynamics; mechanisms of DNA replication, repair, and recombination; mechanisms of RNA processing, transport, localization, translation, and turnover; and the nature and function of non-protein-coding RNAs. Sophisticated, original informatics and computational analyses of genes and genomes are welcome, as well as the development and evaluation of novel genetic methods, tools, and resources, as they relate to the scope. 
This section includes:
Mechanisms of plant gene regulation
Phylogenomics and evolutionary plant genetics
Gene silencing and miRNAs
Epigenetics and epigenomics
Chromatin organization
Plastid genomic studies


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